These garden ornament anchors are all made from old pipes that I find on the beach. I soak them in metal stabiliser and then apply a coat of rust preserver. They are normally satin black with silver highlights. The top pins and the rings and chains are also constructed from scrap metal. The size of the anchor is determined by the diameter of the pipe. They range in one foot sizes (approx) from 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, to 9 foot by 5 foot ones made with 8 inch pipe. They are base filled with gravel to counterbalance the weight of the chain and the tops.

They can be mounted on a wall or positioned in the ground. We have even hung one upon a tree! I add spikes, brackets or bolts as required.The amount of chain is also optional, depending upon how much chain I have available at the time. The anchors cost $75 per vertical foot (as a maximum approximation)

Shipping is of course prohibitive. The larger anchors can weigh up to three hundred pounds. However I can provide free local delivery and also deliver to lower BC, Vancouver and the Gulf Islands at a reasonable cost if required.