Each lighthouse is individually created; therefore no two lighthouses are ever the same. They are all made from re-cycled metal, wood and quite often contain re-cycled glass. The metalwork is finished with a unique antique patina. There are two major differences in the overall style; one style has one colour on its tower (white), whereas the second style has two (normally white and gray).
The single colour towers are $500
and the two colour ones are $550

The size of each lighthouse is determined by the driftwood base that I begin with. These are normally within the range of twelve to eighteen inches long, with perhaps a depth of ten to twelve inches.

I do however make a slimline model that is perhaps more suitable for modern windowledges and shelves. They have a depth of (approximately)four to six inches.
$ 500/550 (One colour or two)

This example of a full size lighthouse is considerably larger.
It is approximately two feet long and has a height of perhaps twenty eight inches. The light has a series of rotating mirrors that are powered by a solar cell. The cost for one of this size with a full burl base (You would need a lot of space for it!) is $1600;
I use this one for displays and to rent out to hotels and occasional functions. Because of that, the price of this specific one has been reduced to $1200.

In addition to the driftwood bases I also make lighthouses with "stone" bases. The "stone" is in fact reconstituted pumice. and is re-cycled from the pseudo rock used in landscaping. The price of these “stone” based models is $550 and $600 (one or two colours)

Shipping costs vary with each order according to weight and distance. (Lower mainland or Vancouver Island orders can sometimes be hand delivered) Normally they average around $50-80 per single item for the continental US and South America. Shipping costs for European orders are, at present, quite prohibitive. All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. In the unlikely event that a lighthouse does arrive broken (we have successfully shipped all over the world for the last ten years) all I ask is that you send me a picture of the item illustrating the damage, and I will simply build and re-ship another one to you.